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Great Options For Smarter Business Credit Now

In contracts with the bank, in oral conversations of bank representatives with borrowers, in the advertising of financial services, the word “credit line” is often found. But what is this line, what is it different from usual credit, what are the risks and benefits of its use, know not all.

What is a credit line and what is it for?

Stretch your money…

Let’s start from the stove. What is the main difference between a loan and a credit line? A loan is a strictly defined amount, often also intended for strictly defined purposes (auto loan, mortgage, etc.), which is issued to the borrower entirely, but only once. That is, having issued a loan of 300 000 rubles for a period of 5 years and at the same time having received cash at the checkout, the client continues to give money for a long 60 months according to the payment schedule. For the business line of credit this is a very important matter.

In the case of a credit line, a number of important parameters are added to the scheme for receiving and returning cash, the main of which is a flexible time schedule for using the loan and the ability to operate with different amounts within the established credit limit.

What is an overdraft and how do I use it

For example, if you want to pay a four-year course at a university, with an annual cost of 60,000 rubles, the bank can provide you with a credit line of 240,000 rubles. The peculiarity is that this money you use not immediately, but in parts: 30 thousand – the first semester, the second semester – 30,000 more, and so on. While the established credit limit (240 000) is not exhausted. But by that time the training in the university will end.

The terms of repayment of the credit line are determined by the bank in the contract, but the general rule is that each month it is necessary to return a certain percentage of the actual debt amount (usually not less than 10%) to the loan account. And by the time the credit line expires, the debt must be repaid in full. Additional bonus: in the process of using the credit line, interest is only on the amount of actually used credit.


Choosing the right and ideal carrier at your service

Carriers play a crucial role in many professional projects: transportation of a work of art for an exhibition, signed return of contract, sending a mechanical piece made to measure. For such shipments, where the stakes are high, it is better to use a professional offering maximum guarantees and services.

Carriers and services

Truckers load board carrier offering many services is proof of competence and professionalism. But this often has a price.

First, check the geographic coverage of the carriers you are visiting. Better to choose it extended. Note also that the service of places far from centers of economic activities may be subject to a supplement in some countries.

From the sending, the parcel to be sent can be brought to a deposit point. However, carriers also offer “home” collection. This benefit is paid or not according to the providers.

Also remember to check the availability of various carriers on Saturdays, which is considered a holiday. Any shipment that day is therefore, at best, subject to a surcharge. Some carriers simply do not offer this benefit.

Cost of sending

Express carriers pass on the price of their services a tax called “fuel surcharge”. It varies greatly from provider to provider (sometimes from one to five times) and therefore deserves to be part of your verification points.

Similarly, consider shipping insurance if your merchandise has a high market value. The minimum insurance automatically included in your contract is capped per kilogram and per package. But you can opt for an ad valorem insurance, thanks to which you receive an indemnity based on the real value of the goods in case of problem. This insurance may only be available from a minimum billing threshold.

Carriers often apply a ratio to the volumetric weight of the commodity to set the delivery price. This calculation differs depending on the service provider, so do not hesitate to make several requests for quotes from carriers. You will receive within 48 hours several proposals of transport professionals chosen according to your needs. It is free and without obligation!

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