Tips on getting your website out there

In order to make a profit from your website, you need traffic, or visitors. And not just any random visitors, but targeted visitors that are inclined to become customers.

In reality, there are many many ways to get traffic to a website, but the four primary ways are as follows:

1. Search engine traffic from google, bing or yahoo.

2. Paid traffic, from banner ads, ppc ( pay per click ) ads, and ad space deals.

3. Referral traffic – through links on other websites, such as facebook, twitter, linkedin, or reddit.

4. Direct traffic, ie when someone sees your website address advertised offline ( lets say, in a local newspaper, or magazine ), and types the url directly into the address bar of their browser.

Each method has its pros and cons, bur ideally you should include at least a little bit of each in your promotional campaign.

Search engine optimization is perhaps the best method overall, though according to seo Ireland experts, seo assassins. It involves taking action to get your site placed higher in the search engine listings for searched key phrases. This is such a great way of getting traffic because the visitors are highly targeted, having searched for exactly what it is that you are offering.

On top of this, search engine optimization also includes link building to build trust with the search engines, so you are also getting potential referral traffic.

Although effective seo requires an upfront investment of time, or money, depending on whether or not you decide to
go down the DIY route, or employ a professional search engine optimization team, but the fact is that if you can rank highly in the SERPs, it is possible to remain there with a minimum of maintenance, depending on the competition levels in your market.

Search engine optimization can therefore be much more cost effective that PPC wherein the traffic dries up as soon as you stop paying your seo services fees.

Many direct comparison studies of organic traffic vs paid traffic have shown that organic search engine traffic produces much higher response rates, likely due to the fact that searchers realize that high search engine rankings cannot be bought, and that the high ranking websites are there based on merit, and are recognized as an authority site by the search engines.

So, diversify your traffic sources for great results from your sites, but focus on seo, as it can produce solid, responsive traffic for a reasonable investment.

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